Our Business

Our Workshop Alliance Contrôle is a specialist in designing and manufacturing control panels, in automation and industrial machinery troubleshooting. The company is established for over 16 years in the sphere of electrical control activity.

Let us help you in designing / developing your electricity projects in areas such as: industrial heating, HVAC, motor control, energy management, programmable controllers, etc. If your design is already established, we can build your control panels, as this is another of our specialties. Control panels manufactured by Alliance Control are CSA certified, which ensures a guarantee of superior quality of the fixtures, as well as constant monitoring of the quality. Already have another supplier? Let us become your second option, the best you've ever had.


  • Our flexibility enables us to mold ourselves to your needs
  • We have a clear knowledge in our field of expertise and their limits
  • We have an unparalleled team of workers, contacts and suppliers


Our main goal is to offer you a solution taking into account your needs and expectations in all stages of the project. Let us create an ALLIANCE between you and the electrical control.